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About ArtNight

ArtNight is creating a new form of evening entertainment in Europe. Guests create their own artwork in trendy bars and restaurants under the guidance of an artist. We cooperate with different local artists, so that changing motifs are used. The detailed and entertaining accompaniment of the artists makes painting fun even for those who last had their brush in elementary school. Materials are organized and provided by us.

Our events are aimed at all people who are active in the evening and who like to do something. The existing possibilities of evening entertainment such as watching movies, theater or television leave little room for stimulating discussions. Although this limiting factor is caught in appointments in bars or restaurants, it is limited to this. Artnight offers a new alternative and combines cultural experiences with conviviality and entertainment: we create a way to create something creative, to try something new and to meet people in a convivial atmosphere and/or to socialize with friends.

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